The support you want how you want it.

Simple Solutions provides boutique individualised services to people with a disability who have NDIS plans.

Our services are designed to your specifications with the support workers you want, at the times you want, doing the things that you want to do to work towards your goals.

To make sure that you always have support workers to suit you we can provide students to get to know you and learn your preferences with your support worker at no extra cost.

As well as a wide range of disability support services we also have specialised services available for people with younger onset dementia who are NDIS participants.

Call Emma at our office to discuss the options available for you through our NDIS services.

Simple Solutions is establishing two new Supported Independent Living arrangements in Hervey Bay.  Contact us for details.

Simple Solutions NDIS Registration Groups

  • Assist personal activities

  • Development - Life skills

  • Group/Centre Activities

  • Assist Access/Maintain Employ

  • Assist - Life Stage, Transition

  • Daily Tasks/Shared Living

  • Participate Community

  • Household Tasks

  • Personal Activities High

  • Assist - Travel/Transport

  • Accommodation/Tenancy